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    A diva is a woman that knows her worth and carries herself with respect and a hint of arrogance. She is self-assured, not self-centered. She is feminine and stylish. She is confident in herself and her qualities and is not jealous of other women. She constantly strives to make her impact on the world around her.
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The Budget Diva

Posted by madisonrose1 on January 5, 2009

It costs to be a diva. But if you are smart and thrifty, it doesn’t have to bankrupt you, or put you through financial strain. It is important to prioritize and learn how to go about your transformation wisely if you are on a budget. So what is your situation? If it’s difficult, I can relate. I spent a whole year out of work when I had my daughter and I’m just getting a new job. Fortunately, it is a job with a high income potential if I work hard at it. But my husband and I just purchased a new home and have yet to unload our previous one. So things are difficult. So what can one do when one is on a fixed income? How do you become a budget diva?

Rule 1
DIY. Learn how to do for yourself. If you cannot afford to have your hair done professionally on a weekly basis, invest in some styling tools of your own. Don’t be suckered by the price or the brand name either. There are some really inexpensive tools that you can pay $20 for or $120 for, and get the same results. Do your homework. Read product reviews. Doing these things first can save you time, money and frustration. Next, purchase a manicure set. You don’t need much. Some nail clippers, a file, a four way file w/ buffer, some clear base coat polish and a colored nail polish, such as red, black or gold. Make sure you get those toes too ladies. Being on a budget does not give license to walk around with bear claws hanging out of your open toe pumps.

Rule 2
Drugstore Makeup works. MAC is great. Nars, Smashbox & so on. But if you head on over to your local Walgreens or CVS, don’t turn your nose up at the Loreal & Maybelline lines. I remember my mother used to use Maybeline Great Lash Mascara when I was younger. Now, like a decade later, I’m using the same mascara. And I paid $4 for it. For great everyday looks, don’t underestimate your local drugstore.

Rule 3
Shop smart & Plan Ahead. Decide on your look ahead of time and prepare. If you don’t really know what your own style is, look in magazines and get some ideas. Then take a trip to TJ Maxx, Filene’s Basement,
Marshall‘s & Shoe Carnival. You may come across some great designer fashions at half the price. H&M is one of my favorites too. You can also get some pretty things and cute accessories from places like Discovery, Charlotte Russe & Forever 21. Here are some quick budget fashion tips:

Shop out of season: Clearance sales are the best! So while you may not be able to buy a wardrobe ahead of time, you can always pick up a few pieces and shoes. For example, I once got a skirt for $5 from the gap for work that was $35 regular price. I got some sandals for $15 that were normally $40. So when you come across these fantastic deals, capitalize on them. If you find it difficult spending money on yourself and have major priorities over fashion, which most of us do, just do one piece a paycheck.

Shop second-hand sometimes: Consignment shops & Goodwill offer a wonderful outlet to purchase some really cute things for next to nothing. Hint: These places are exceptionally helpful when you need work clothes. There are also some places that will buy your gently used clothing, as well as sell. Plato’s Closet, for example. Carson‘s usually has coupons in the Sunday papers. And twice a year they have the “Goodwill Sale” in which you can receive a voucher for gently worn clothing to use toward a new purchase. Pair this up with a sale or coupon and you’re balling on a budget!

Shop Online: Ebay is one of the safest places to shop online today. Get a paypal account. And sometimes you can find online deals at your favorites stores, that are not available at the physical locations. One more thing to look out for is product premieres. Lots of times when someone is doing a new product line, they give out free samples. Look for coupons from your favorite name brands as well.

With all of these options, you should barely ever have to pay full price for anything!

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